Agragami Group of Companies. At present we are in UK, Poland, Canada, India, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, USA. 

The industry and transport optimization provided by the ITOptima Inc., (presently a Canadian corporation), can start anywhere, as the AVTO Optimizers may be manufactured by OEMs or by third parties.  ITOptima is envisioned as a consulting engineering firm providing the optimization services in collaboration with the local engineering companies specializing in the applicable industries.

India is our start-up country. ANEGS, which stands for Agragami Nature's Electricity Generating System Pvt Ltd and is located in Bangalore, Karnataka, is licensing Agragami's technologies to the potential manufacturers of power trains and generators designed to replace other methods of electricity generation. PM Narendra Modi, with whom we have met during the Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2011 wants to make India green, so we hope that India will become the pioneer of the most advanced generation method to date. The word "Agragami" means pioneering in Sanskrit language. 

Agragami Polska Sp.z o.o.  (Poland) is the second furthest advanced of all our projects in terms of collaboration with the federal, regional and local governments. The Ministry of Economy, Department of Energy,  Regional Economic Development Department, Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone and local (Slubice) mayor issued us offers of financial support and allotted 20 ha (50 acres) of serviced land for our needs. We are in the process of preparing a submission for EU dotation for the funding of Polish project. Such dotation covers part of the project. We still must organize the remaining portion.

Agragami in Germany. Another country where we are advanced is Germany. We have great interest expressed by the mayor of Frankfurt (Oder) and EisenhΓΌttenstadt;  ZAB, that is regional Brandenburg Economic Development Board; and Germany Trade and Invest (federal development agency). We had several meetings and they have made presentations to us also offering 50 acres (20 ha)  serviced land at Euro Transport and Trade Center (ETTC), on development axis Berlin-Warsaw, about 10 kms from the location in Poland. In addition, financial support has been offered from the regional and federal agencies mentioned above. Additionally, we are working with Fraunhofer Gesellschaft Institute   to better serve the various industrial market needs.

Agragami Inc. in Canada.  We are working with the National Research Council to make our technologies even better.

We are looking for partners whose vision is aligned with ours. We are willing to share the huge opportunities brought by the abundance of inexpensive electrical power, providing, that they will focus with us on remediation of the damages done to the environment by our generation and generations before us. The remediation in itself is a source of tremendous income.

To summarize, we are looking forward to working with you, to share our knowledge and to learn from yours.