Organizational Structure of Agragami Group of Companies

ITOptima Inc. (presently a Canadian company), is responsible for AVTO and MEG consulting engineering, collaboration with other engineering groups and with clients. Since MEG generators are usually installed for the customer as part of the optimization, ITOptima is also a marketing and energy selling partner for  manufacturing plants and will be established in all regions. ITOptima will eventually also execute the environmental remediation engineering with the clients. ITOptima means  Infrastructure and Transport Optimization.

Hybrid Strategies Corporation (presently a Canadian company), is responsible for R&D and adaptation of the proprietary intelligent, predictive system Monicaâ„¢, proprietary analytical 3D database visualization tool DIG, machine learning, robotics,  satellite interface with sending and receiving modules of MEG equipment and manufacturing facilities. Hybrid will be also responsible for the environmental remediation R&D and for data processing hardware, software and relationship with the space agencies which will supply the satellites and execute the data processing. Commercial satellites will not be used for this purpose.

Agragami Global Foundation, a private foundation presently registered in Canada (but will be present in all countries where Agragami manufacturing plants are located). 

The Agragami Group companies are presently wholly owned by their founders and founding directors and have different ownership structures. 

Agragami Polska Sp. z o.o. - Poland (Slubice), manufacturing plant 

Agragami Inc. - Canada (Ontario), design and licensing

ANEGS (Agragami Nature's Electricity Generating System Pvt. Ltd.) India (Bangalore), design and licensing