Our technologies 

Agragami’s electricity generating equipment defined as "MEG™-1x""MEG™-3x", "MEG™-4x" and "MEG™-21x"will deliver electricity in two distinct classes: common stationary installations operating on 50 or 60 Hz frequency, and mobile or industrial equipment operating (or which can operate more efficiently) at 400 Hz or other frequency. 

The basis of our equipment’s exceptional performance are:                        

(a) AGGREGATION of a certain number of generators (MEG™-1x, MEG™-3x, MEG™-4x);       

(b) UNIQUE CONFIGURATION including passive magnetic levitation  (MEG™-21x); and 

(c) PROPRIETARY OPTIMIZATION COMPONENT  (AVTO), which optimizes rotary equipment 

Currently there is no competitive technology on the market with the same cost/efficiency/scalability ratios. This is one of the few real distributed energy sources, making it robust against other energy sources that do not carry these qualifications. 

Permits and safety. The equipment is hermetically sealed and cooled, enclosed in a dual magnetic shielding comprising high permeability stress annealed MuMETAL®, both specially constructed to protect the components inside and environment outside from electromagnetic interference. There are no emissions of any kind from the equipment which is designed to conform to applicable international and local electrical and electromagnetic equipment safety standards. There is no maintenance on site except for air filter change. The entire MEG is replaced prior to failure,  when any pending malfunction is detected by our proprietary Hybrid Intelligent System Monica™.

Patents. All our IP is submitted under WIPO. Patents to date are under the names of Sophie M. Hofbauer, H.R. Satish Chandra and other participating researchers. The IP is continuously updated with new technologies and methods, and new patents are applied for.

Monitoring.  The safety and performance, including energy metering is continuously monitored via satellites and analyzed by Monica™, and reported to the user according to the user's requirements. To avoid unnecessary administration, certain units have the e-payment facility built-in. 

The beginnings. Our international roots are in Canada, India, Poland and Germany and our experience ranges from thermal power generation, power transmission, distribution and controls, Artificial Intelligence and robotics, to business building. Our inventions were inspired by the spectrum of knowledge ranging from the ancient to the most advanced modern science and are enriched by the mentorship of some of the greatest physicists and mathematicians of our times. Since the initial inspiration, several virtual and physical prototypes of the primary equipment and various supporting devices were made and lessons learned at a great expense of money, effort and time.  

Where we are now. We are building the commercial models in several sizes, voltages and frequencies, as well as adapt appropriate robotic machinery for manufacturing the variety of MEG  units. Lean Six Sigma manufacturing cell and manufacturing process flow specific for each MEG product will be executed virtually at the design stage of the manufacturing facilities.