MEG™-21x series is inspired by Halbach cylinder, which provides magnetic field greater than the sum of magnetic fields of all magnets in the cylinder. Several devices based on Halbach cylinder technology have been built for various purposes such as generatorselectron storage, electron  accelerator and others including electric laser weapons, so this is a well-tested concept. However, our equipment is unique in its architecture and ability to magnify the power generating capacity to new levels. 

MEG™-21x  generally operates on the 400Hz frequency. The Halbach cylinder and the Halbach arrays for MEG™-21x will be manufactured only in USA  as the inspiration for this model was obtained from some of the US Army designs. US manufacturers have produced our initial prototypes and will produce these structures to the highest standards.

Dr Herbert Leupold, US Army physicist, Dr Richard Post,  the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory physicist, Dr Julio J. Valdes the National Research Council Canada mathematician specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning, gave their invaluable mentorship and guidance to our inventor when her company was in the industrial partnership program with NRC and  located at their facilities in Ottawa.   

MEG™-21x  is applicable in mobile equipment, such as heavy machinery,  aircraft (except ram and pulse jet), marine vessels and the like. It is also used in our MEG-3x together with a modified version of  MEG-1x MEG™-21x does not have a specific form to present, because  it is a built-in component and its form is subject to the demands of the mobile application.