MEG™-3x series combines MEG™-21x and static version of MEG™-1x  for even greater efficiencies from equipment the size of a small industrial switchboard. MEG™-3x delivers power range from 1MW to 25 MW (but can be greater), and in different voltages and frequencies from a single unit. MEG™-3x will be assembled from pre-manufactured MEG™-21x and MEG™-1x components.

MEG™-21x generates the 400 Hz or higher frequency power which is then converted into the desired frequency. MEG™-1x organizes the full spectrum of monochromatic waves into electromagnets which pulsate the energy into the output generators. Thus large amount of power can be obtained from relatively small unit without the need for high voltage and transformers.

MEG™-3x is applicable for steel industry furnaces, marine vessel propulsion, oil drill rigs, mining and similar applications where high power output and small physical size is required. The average size of MEG™-3x is about 5 to 10 meters wide by 1.5 meters deep by 2.5 meters high. The approximate appearance is as below. 


Please note, that the items shown on the pictures are not the actual MEG equipment.